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****5 Moving, Inspirational, and Captivating Stars***
I haven’t written a review in a while. Nothing really worth the time recently, until I came across this gem!!! I really step out of my box with this one, not being a fan of young adult. From the first chapter your dragged into the damaged mind of Jersey Hatch, and you don’t want to leave.

Without giving to much away, Jersey is a young man who tried to commit sucide, but fails. He now has to live with the reprucions of his actions. Going through life with ex-friends that want nothing to do with him, a family that wants to put him in a bubble, and a memory full of holes are just some of his hardships.

This book is very character driven. The author allowed you to see how Jersey’s sucicde attempt effects everyone in his life, even though your reading from Jersey’s POV. From Todd, to Leza, to Jersey’s parents you get the full impact of emotions involved. I spent my time going between laughing hysterically to being a blubbery mess. (FYI the interaction between Jersey and his mother (HEARTWRENCHING) .

If you looking for something unique, and aren’t afraid of the heavy stuff you should pull the TRIGGER on this read!

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